My Story

At the age of 8, I already decided that I wanted to study communication design.
Why communication design? I grew up with Astrid Lindgren, Pettersson and Findus and the Carlsen comics. I love the stories and I love all the values and all the wisdom that is in these wonderful books and pictures. 
And that's exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to pass on stories and pictures that give people hope, love, trust and maybe solutions. Besides, I had already understood at the age of 8 that if I paint a picture and reproduce it on a copier, I can sell it umpteen times for 50 pennies. :)

So, full of enthusiasm, I studied communication design and started working in the field during my studies. I have been freelancing for 12 years and have implemented numerous projects. Many small wishes, like drawing for Carlsen Verlag, have come true during this time. I have never lost sight of my original drive for my work. But sometimes life has a lot more in store for you than you thought.
Along the way, I encountered a great project that brought me much closer to my original goals: An association of entrepreneurs who cooperate worldwide have made it their mission to give people new professional perspectives and security in turbulent times in the form of a digital business. 
In this association and the projects implemented beyond it, not only are people and their personal goals strengthened, but social and ecologically sustainable projects are also developed. 

Today, and especially in the past year, I can say with great gratitude that I made the best decision to work in digital business.
Working independently of location and, moreover, working with internationally seasoned business people, offers me both a lot of freedom and a lot of security. 
Knowing that I am working in a business that is expanding and has the best future prospects in these very turbulent economic times gives me a lot of stability and security.


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